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cntc-sponsored courses

Courses Spring 2014

Multi-Modality Molecular Imaging and Translational Medicine

Course Director: Yubin Mao, PhD
Office: COP B64E. Phone: 925-4437. Email: ymiao@salud.unm.edu
Course Materials: Textbooks and research/review articles

Class Time and Location: Monday 2:00 - 3:50 PM; COP B98 (2 Credit hours, schedule is subject to change)

CNTC Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows are strongly encouraged to register for this one semester 2-credit seminar course on SPECT/PET, MRI, Ultrasound, Optical, Infrared and EPR spectroscopy, as well as translational medicine. The lecturers are all experts in the field and the main focus will be on imaging for cancer research.

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Clinical Cancer Perspectives

Course Director: Dr. Ashwani Rajput, Chief of Surgical Oncology
Class Time and Location: Wednesdays 4-5:30 PM, beginning March 26
BIOM 505-002, CRN 50965

The main goal is for all of us (biomedical scientists, physical scientists, engineers) to learn more about the real-world challenges and frustration of cancer for patients and the physicians who care for them. A better understanding should lead to new technology solutions to preventing and curing cancer.

All CNTC trainees should attend to get exposure to cancer as it presents in the clinic. Other trainees, stafff and faculty are cordially invited.

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Courses Spring 2012

Professional Development Workshop I: The Essential Toolbox

Professional Dev Wrkshop I - 45158 - BIOM 505 - 003
Instructor: Dr. Laurie Hudson
Time: Wednesdays 4:00 - 6:00 PM for 8 weeks beginning March 21st
Place: Multidisciplinary Research Facility. The MRF is building 215 in the upper right hand corner of this map: http://www.unm.edu/campusmap/central_campus_map.pdf. Multidisciplinary Research Facility is near the corner of Vassar and Frontier. The CTSC offices and labs are on the first floor, 2nd floor is Pharmaceutical Sciences. There will be a small map on the door leading to the conference room.

CNTC Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows are strongly encouraged to register for semester one of a two-semester seminar designed to enhance their development into independent scientists working across disciplines to improve the understanding and treatment of human disease. The first 8 weeks will focus on the skills needed to lay the foundation for a successful career. The second 8 weeks (in Spring 2012) will apply these skills towards successful grant planning, writing and submission.

Intro to Computational Biomedicine (Physical Oncology Focus)

Time: Tuesdays 1:00 ‐ 3:00 PM
Place: CRF 204
Instructors: Drs. V Cristini, A Chauviere, + guests
Led by Vittorio Cristini and Arnaud Chauviere, a 1 credit course will be offered in Spring 2012 to introduce CNTC students, postdocs and faculty to computational medicine. The course will focus on multiscale modeling of tumor growth and angiogenesis and will include mathematical tools to model and predict the behavior of small molecules and nano-sized particulate systems within the vasculature, and during extravasation from the vascular compartment, transport across the extravascular matrix and distribution within the tumor microenvironment.
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Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy

BIOLOGY 547/BIOM 505 – Spring 2012
Time: Tuesdays 8:30 AM – 11:50 PM
Lecture - Castetter Hall, Rm 258; Lab - Rm 256/257
Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy covers light microscopy from the its basic principles to the newest techniques of super-resolution imaging, single particle tracking, laser dissection and ion imaging. Instructors for this interdisciplinary, cross-campus course are from the Departments of Biology, Physics, Pathology and Neuroscience and from the Nanoscience and Microsystems graduate program. Class size is limited in order to provide every student with adequate "hands-on" training. The course is particularly important for students entering CNTC labs dedicated to applications of fluorescent nanoparticles for cancer detection and drug delivery. Download the Syllabus: Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy pdf icon graphic

Courses Fall 2011

Clinical Cancer Perspectives

BIOM 505-002, CRN 42794
Led by Ashwani Rajput, MD, Chief of Surgical Oncology, Clinical Cancer Perspectives is a new interactive seminar series for students, fellows and faculty in the fields of engineering, physics, and the biological sciences. A number of cancer specialists with expertise in a variety of areas will be participating to highlight the clinical challenges faced daily by cancer patients and physicians. One of the goals of this course is to foster increased interaction between the basic and clinical sciences to help guide nanoscience research in a meaningful way to impact clinical care. The course is sponsored by the Cancer Nanotechnology Training Center (cntc.unm.edu) but is open to all interested students and postdocs.

Place: Multipurpose room, first floor of the new UNM Cancer Center (plenty of parking in the West lot)
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM on Wednesdays

Date Instructor Topic
8/24 Rajput Intro/Overview/LGI
9/7 Rajput Upper GI
9/21 Sampath Radiation Oncology
10/5 Dayao Breast Cancer
10/19 Muller GYN-Oncology
11/2 Bauman Aerodigestive
11/16 Yonas Neuro-Oncology
11/30 Rajput Wrap-up

Clinical Cancer Perspectives is a one credit course. Download the course flier pdf icon graphic

Course Readings:

Courses Summer 2011

Image processing and data analysis using MATLAB

Course Leader: Keith Lidke
This short course will start at a very basic level, assuming little or no background with programming in MATLAB, and progress to more advanced topics. It is expected that not all participants will be interested in the later lectures. Students are free to attend any portion of the course. Analysis required for single particle tracking will used as an example throughout the course. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop with an installation of MATLAB to class, although this is not required.
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Courses Spring 2011

Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy

Download the Syllabus: Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy pdf icon graphic

Colloidal Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications

ECE 581-001/BIOM 581-001/NSMS 581-001 (3 credit hours)
Download the Syllabus: Colloidal Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications pdf icon graphic